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Beautiful fan-works from Dolph’s fans:

THE ARROW: Screenshots

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Last year Dolph participated in another TV-SHOW this time it was “The Arrow”. Not a fan of this show but have seen few series cause the shows I’m watching crossed with this one. Also because Dolph was in few of them:) This year he will participate in another series of this show till then lets see screenshots we have.

Still believe that Dolph is very good in “bad guy” role:)

Sitges Film Festival

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Dolph Lundgren attends a photocall for the ‘Bacardi Sitges’ Awards 2016 held at the Casa Bacardi during the ’49th Sitges Film Festival 2016′ on October 13, 2016 in Sitges, Spain.

Dolph Lundgren | On healing and forgiveness | TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica

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Did saw this video already last year but forgot to upload it here.
Dolph talks about 14 mins about his childhood, family, people who helped him thro hard phase. And one of the reasons he ended up with a failure marridge etc. Take the time and watch it.

London has Fallen premier

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Now you can fallow us on Instagram



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Some more shoots to folder Jameson EMPIRE Awards 2012 (42 file)

Riot :: screenshots

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Did like this movie, a lot 90’s style like old times. And btw, when Dolph isn’t the lead actor he still plays good and movie is interesting. Way to go!

Creed Movie Premier 2015

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Screenshots: War Pigs movei

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So finally we cant watch it and tell what do we think about “War pigs” movie 🙂

Premiere of ‘War Pigs’ – Los Angeles California United States – Tuesday 8th September 2015

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