AQUAMAN trailer with Dolph

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Think it’s first from all I’ve seen where we can meet Dolph.


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Since it become very popular now to publish books in the internet, many fans of those books have made a booktrailers. One of those is here

Can you guess, whitch of the Dolph Movies have been used here?:)

Dolph Lundgren Joins Jason Momoa in ‘Aquaman’

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Momoa is playing the man who would be king of Atlantis.
Dolph Lundgren is making his return to studio movies by diving deep into the world of comic book films.

DOLPH LUNDGREN: Prime Male commercial

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DON’T KILL IT: trailer

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I’m so sorry for being away for so long! Job, university, kids and private life makes it no time for hobby, but I’m doing my best to keep it up:) So, thanks to our visitor robert I’m sharing with you next video about Dolph as a demon-hunter. This is his first:) As we remember, he has kill alien, has been a preacher/ghost, a kindergarten teacher, a cop, FBI agent, a doctor, a trainer, the cyborg, a boxer, a husband, a knight, a son and a revenger also a zombie killer, but never the demon hunter. So now we can see him in this movie. What next.. werewolf or a vampire?

The movie it self can be seen since 3 March 2017. Almost by the time my birthday comes:) Lovely gift isn’t it!

Kindergarden Cop 2

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“I just broke you!”

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Dolph Lundgren:

For a good laugh, check out my National Geographic commercial promoting Brain Games. Always continue to educate yourself!

New trailer to “Hail, Caesar!”

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Dolph Lundgren Dishes on Partying With Mickey Rourke, Selfies With Channing Tatum, and This New ‘War Pigs’ Trailer

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Interview by Meriah Doty July 22, 2015

Here’s a side of Dolph Lundgren you probably didn’t know: He’s a war history buff. So, that makes War Pigs, the new World War II film he stars in with Mickey Rourke and Luke Goss, right up his alley. (Watch the film’s exclusive trailer above!)


Trailer “Warpigs”

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