Dolph training for the CREED seequal

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10 years online!!!

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Is it really that much time past?? Wow it’s just like yesterday I started and here it is..:) Thank you all for have supported and helped me to keep it on and I hope will help further to:)

A lot has changed in Dolph life to during this time. And we have seen many new movies from him. Also I have sent about 3-4 fan letter to him to sadly no answer. Well maybe some one else was more lucky:)


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Change of design! Finally!
Somethign between chocolade and mint. Guess I do like that here’s minimum graphic and lighter this way. And more warmer then previus cause it’s SPRING! And who cares that it’s only +2 degree on FG and raining outside.

Do anyone still make wp designs for fan-sites? As I look around most of the designers have closed their websites. To bad.. Some times just don’t have time to update it your self.

So Dolph didn’t play in “Hail, Cesar”. To bad I didn’t know that sooner wouldn’t watch this boring movie… all to the end. Trailer was more fun than the movie it self.

Did he or didn’t he..

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So ever wondered is it true, that Dolph Lundgren punched Sly so hard that he ended up in a hospital while filming Rocky IV? Lets hear it from men it self:


Dolph Lundgren wishing something fro his fans

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Happy Birthday Dolph!

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So finally we have updated new design. How do you like it? Layout is provided by Meridian Life yes the same who made us Gallery layout. So go visit her and give all the love:)

Time to say goodbye…

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While ordering my website found an old but funny portree of Dolph that I made back in 2007. Wonder would I do better now 7 years later? Would be fun to try some times later. Still though to put it up here as ugly as it is:)

And yes, time to say goodbuy to this year. We will see each other in next year for sure. More updates more info about Dolph and new design.. well I hope so. Maybe will order one or find time to make one my self. We’ll see:)

Wish you all happy New 2015 Year, may all your wishes come true!!!! As crazy as they are!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Having problems with DataBase on Russian version of the site. Another glich with my hosting. Still fixing so will take some more time. Sorry about that!